What We Do

Bourbon Bay focuses on reintroducing the beauty and necessity of traditional organic farming.
In providing you with the healthiest products possible, we focus on finding only the finest ingredients
from unique, individual smallholder farmers. We never compromise or negotiate our standards;
as a result, customers always receive the very best.


Persistent Pesticides
Synthetic Fertilizers

Persistent pesticides, synthetic fertilizers and sewage use a great deal of energy and resources in their production and also contribute to soil degradation. Bourbon Bay is dedicated to your health and the health of the planet, and that means we never contaminate our soil, endanger our farmers or our customers.

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Providing the very best nutrient-rich and high bioavailable products is expensive. Costs include:

  • Maintaining perishable products
  • Paying a premium to source only untreated, agroforestry grown and sustainable harvested crops
  • Providing livable compensation to producers

Like soil sifting through fingers, we believe in transparency at every level: with our employees, partners and customers.

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It is of paramount importance to us to form rewarding partnerships with communities that value the creation of quality products and see the multi-generational value of organic farming practices. It is through these partnerships that we can offer our farming partners stable employment and income. Bourbon Bay is proud of the fact that we’ve created employment opportunities where none previous existed. Our team is honored to be working with such dedicated farmers who approach the planet with love and respect.

Additionally, we have partnered with a number of NGOs and faith-based organizations. Together we are working to assure healthy social and farming practices from plant to purchase. These organizations supervises and audit our practices. They also work to ensure the traceability of all certified products and that all members have safe and good working conditions. As the years pass our promise is to pass on the same integrity and ethics that started this company.

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By building a business centered on the grower, we do something radical – we focus intently on sourcing conditions and quality instead of marketing. Our goal is to provide the highest quality products free of unnecessary costs.

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What We’re Doing to Help

  • One

    We assist disenfranchised, underemployed and low-income individuals throughout Latin America and the Caribbean so that they can use the resources that are closest to them and most abundant.

  • Two

    Bourbon Bay works to address the shrinking and erosion of tropical agri-based economies due to globalization, trade agreements and other socioeconomic factors; this is achieved by connecting untapped markets with untapped producers.

  • Three

    We happily connect western markets seeking true verifiable sources of high nutrient, chemical free crops for food and health and body with untouched sources. The end result is the highest nutrient levels on the market.

  • Four

    Without exception Bourbon Bay is dedicated to providing quality products.

  • Five

    We employ young men and women and sustain older farmers.

  • Six

    We increase the demand for crops

  • Seven

    We help to foster wage increases.

  • Eight

    Another key way in which Bourbon Bay helps is through the encouragement of re-entry employment for those with criminal records.

  • Nine

    We create new avenues of revenue from otherwise unrealized and untapped sources.

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