Its Our Nature


Our healthy products come exclusively from the finest ingredients available.  Free of chemical pesticides and fertilizers, Bourbon Bay places wellness at the forefront of all we do.

Every crop is not only farmed using traditional farming methods and tools, but also is handpicked, sun dried, never frozen, and sourced from extraordinarily fertile volcanic soil.  We then ship frequently to help ensure nutrient content.

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Our farmers receive excellent pay and our team is uniquely qualified due to the fact that we have strong local ties.  Bourbon Bay’s industry ties into our permanent local presence and years of business development experience combine to make us a recognized leader.

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A Truly Sustainable Approach

Bourbon Bay is also pleased to work in tandem with numerous local certifying bodies that ensure crop/soil and work standards.  Our crops originate from individual smallholder farms.  We only use non-commercial cropland possessing high microbial and nutrient content.  Superior crop phylum, nutrient levels, and bioavailability means more antioxidants.

Bourbon Bay customers directly impact the lives of all involved in the creation of our health products.  Our products are good for you, good for the people that make them, and good for the planet.

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